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1937 - Born in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Parents: Johannes Neukirch (an engineer and inventor) and his wife, Hertha, née Eichberger.

1944 - Moved from Berlin to Pommern and later to Neuruppin, fleeing from the occupied territories. In this same year, his parent's home was destroyed by a fragmentation bomb.

1945 - The family moves to Bavaria. The next move was to Bad-Dürkheim / Rheinpfalz, in 1949.

1957 - Volunteers in the Paul Walter stagecraft workshop and in Karl Petry's painters' workshop in the National Theater in Mannheim.

1957-1961 : Studies under Ernst Geitlinger, WilhelmHeiseés Charles Crodel at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.

1961-1981 The Dürkheim Period. After the first surrealist works, a gradual advance toward a freer and more fantastic painting. Freelance painter in Bad-Dürkheim and in Pfalz (in the Rhine region) where, together with JakobW.Hinder, LotteReimers, Werner Korb, LeopoldMimler and H. Wolfram Kutscher, he is a founding member of the Deidesheim Artists' Circle, which primarily advocated the "ArsPhantastica" (fantastic art).

Part-time art teacher at the TheodorHeuss Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen.

1979 - Marries Margit, a Hungarian painter.

Since 1981 The Munich Period . Moves to Munich. From this year, this is his home and where he works as a freelance painter.

From 2008 Budapester time. Move to Budapest. Since then he lives and works here as a free lance painter.

Most commonly used painting techniques: Resin oil, acrylic, mixed technique with casein tempera and tempera.
Graphic techniques: ink, ballpoint pen and pigment liner.



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