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Margit Neukirch
1961 secondary school and evening school in the pararel Gimnasium of Fine Arts / Budapest, graphic training, portrait and Aktstudium.

1965 Abitur

Another study in the 1965-1970 Graphic Desi-Huber Evening Academy for graphics and sculpture.

1966-1972 assistant in various studios for textile design

1972 Moved to Bavaria.

since 1974 working for the government of Upper Bavaria

1979 Marries the painter Hellmut Neukirch an important representative of the artistic direction of "ars phantastica" he was artistic and direction for the further development of painting techniques.
Moving to Budapest

Margit Neukirch
Sources of inspiration are also the trips to Greece or after the jordan's Petra have been obtained by the important color suggestions.
Initially created graphic black and white work, then more of the Color interested. Preferred techniques colored pencil, tempera and gouache, since 2002 intense engagement with the retinol-glaze painting with up to 10
Paint with resin oil paint on hardboard.

The subjects of the images move in mythological and pantheistic area and are close to the Symbolist Movement.? The last pictures deal with the nature of his "character", her appearance symbolically transferred to human figures with strong emotions. It is driven not to be overlooked, the loneliness and isolation of the essential nature, as well as the nature of man apart, will.
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